Our Data

Access all the data from the Human Rights Index with an API

When it comes to Human Rights, OHCHR is willing to share freely and without any restriction to the public the dataset from UHRI.

For this purpose, we developed a REST API which is serving our data with various filtering possibilities.

You need a big export?
You want to integrate part of our data to your website?
You need to track which Committees issued new Concluding observations?

Click here to download the full UHRI dataset in JSON and Excel format.

The dataset is updated on a daily basis.

Just contact us at uhrisupport@ohchr.org to receive all the information about our API endpoints and its documentation.

The dataset comprises all country-specific observations and recommendations from Treaty Bodies, Special Procedures and the Universal Periodic Review that are currently officially available.

The dataset is updated periodically, as new data becomes available. Please be aware that data for individual mechanisms, countries and years may be incomplete due to processing backlogs at the source. OHCHR is working to identify and fill these gaps as soon as possible.